USpicy Hair Straightening Brush with Negative Ions Review

USpicy Hair Straightening Brush with Negative Ions Review

The Uspicy Hair Straightening Brush With Negative Ions is a marvel of a product. It’s something I’ve wished for since I began caring for my appearance. Most people’s hair inevitably grows longer unless you are balding of course. As it grows so does your lack of control for what your hair wishes to do. Typically post showering I would need a hair dryer and a brush to achieve straight and organized hair. However with this product here it seems both of those tasks which take around 20 minutes can all be done at the same time. That’s significant it saves me time which is a very valuable resource for many adults. This thing can get hot so be aware mine warms up to 350 degrees which is why it comes with a glove. Make sure you put it on don’t forget about it as it looks like a bag.

The actual product is quite large for brush standards. But for hair straighteners, it fits right in line. Obviously, it’s shaped like a brush so it’s cool how they were able to combine both of them here in a purple brush. In terms of usage, it probably takes around 30-60 seconds for the actual product to warm up. Hold down the power button until you see the temperature gauge on the front rise. Worse case just puts your hand on the brush head or just smell around for a hair dryer like smell and you will know if it’s on. This thing can burn your hair if you leave it on one spot for too long so make sure you are always moving it. Use the spinny button to reduce and increase the temperature. I personally had trouble using this feature but maybe it will work for you. I noticed the product is currently not unavailable not sure why hope it comes back soon I like this thing.


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