USpicy Hair Flat Iron And MCH Ceramic Plate Review

USpicy Hair Flat Iron And MCH Ceramic Plate Review

The Uspicy Hair Flat Iron with a ceramic plate is an interesting item. The biggest positive I can say about this thing is its heating ability. It got to 130 degrees Celsius in only 10 seconds based on my experience. This is simply unheard of I’m used to waiting for 1-2 minutes for decent heat to emanate. I still to this day have no idea what the ceramic plate does to fair I’m male with relatively short hair so I’m by no means an expert in this field, however, I do have on guess and that would if you’re in the middle of using the product and it’s probably not safe to leave this on any old surface due to melting or flammability. I’m guessing that plate is heat resistant and not flammable. The product comes with a long enough cord and instructions that are well detailed and in numerous languages more than usual.

In my limited testing with this product, I was able to straighten one small portion of my hair that had some curl in it. The product allows you to lower and raise the heat with relative ease thanks to the plus and minus buttons located on the left side of the product next to the power button. Make sure you hold down the power button to turn on the product. I do wish you could go under 130 degrees Celsius as even that is pretty hot according to other items but no big deal. Overall it’s a very impressive product even if it’s not very useful to me it’s mesmerizing just looking at it.


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