OldShark V7 Bluetooth Headphones Review

OldShark V7 Bluetooth Headphones Review

The OldShark V7 Bluetooth Headphones are great mid-range headphones overall. The design of this product I find very unique compared to the classic designs of big-box competitors like Beats, Sennheiser, and Bose in regards to the materials used and the colors. That’s not the only thing I find interesting as the value of the product should be addressed. To find a comparable headphone, in my opinion, your probably going to have to spend around a lot more in brand new condition from the competitors especially beats. That’s why this product deserves a chance although the brand may be unfamiliar to you. Comfort this product should fit well enough for all shapes and sizes as the size adjustment thing you can pull on each side of the product is above average in terms of stretching ability. Another above average feature is the cushion effectiveness. This is definitely a comfortable pair of headphones more comfortable than the average pair of headphones you see on Amazon. Both of the ear muffs have plenty of cushions that will allow extended gaming successions with minimal sweating and pain. The part where your head goes is completely padded up which is nice because sometimes companies just pad up the middle spot and not the entire thing so that’s awesome. Audio once again above average as the bass enchantments with this product really shine on certain songs. You can definitely notice the difference between normal headphones and these if you were to compare them. Besides bass ability, the clarity and depth were also nice. When you listen to music you can actually hear individual instruments compared to speakers and cheap headphones which kinda muzzle the sound as cheaper materials were used. Overall audio mutually to comfort is definitely impressive.

Microphone yes this thing has a microphone it’s definitely not as impressive as the audio and comfort but it’s not bad by any means So this aspect is purely average to me and can only be used for phone calls. Not to much background noise and vocal clarity is good enough for comprehension at least. I wouldn’t use this for professional services like youtube or anything. Additional Features well, the noise canceling feature is apparent but not absolute. I’d say it’s around 25 percent which is great news as you are going to be able to block some sounds out. However, if you’re in a loud setting you will hear background noise. For example, if some girls are yelling from the opposite side of the hall late at night. Bluetooth pairing was fantastic with this product instead of having to hold the power button for 10 seconds like other products in this case you just flip a switch and it automatically looks for Bluetooth enabled devices. Thanks for sending me this for review


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