The Perseids 2.4G Wireless Keyboard For Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons Review

The Perseids 2.4G Wireless Keyboard For Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons Review

Great Ultility But Key Issues

Overall I’m very happy with The Perseids 2.4G wireless keyboard for the Nintendo Switch. While I wish the keyboard was broken in a little more. Because sometimes the product simply does not register a click and seems to get better over time but it’s still not perfect. And I also wish the product didn’t require a USB receiver to work as now you can’t use this thing on the go. This is definitely the biggest flaw of this product. Like what the heck were they thinking here? Like, give this thing a USB type c or some other way to connect this product without the need of the switch base. But besides those two things, it’s actually a really solid product. Using this product with the Joy-Cons feels like a mix of the Wii u gamepad controller and the joycon grip. I really like this thing a lot it’s nice and light but at the same time, it provides a comfortable experence that actually may be my future controller. I find the normal joy con grips to be a little to tight together making precise movements harder than necessary. For example when playing games like Super Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 precise movements like throwing Marios hat then dolphin diving in mid-air into his hat so he gets an extra jump can truly only be executed while using this controller compared to normal ones. Also for Xenoblade Chronicles 2, an RPG with constant action requires constant moving and attacking to avoid attacks but also deal out punishment at the same time. This controller here really makes this experence better.

I found the box for this product to be very nice. It’s clean and colorful and does a nice job informing what this product is used to do. The product has the charging indicator which tells you how much power is left in the controller joycons. The controller itself is not a separate power source instead it just drains power from the joycons. This works for around 10 meters so you can definitely not stand next to your dock but I would not recommend doing it from a separate room as you will not be able to see what’s on your TV anyway unless you have it in handheld mode. This once again points out the issue with the USB receiver again. Going back to the keys while I did bash them a bit I would also like to mention that I still really like them overall. They made typing in keys on the Eshop and configuring my new wifi at school a breeze. With additional keys like caps lock and space, it really does everything. I would not be surprised if this product works with other devices like Nvidia Tablets as they use the same system architecture. Overall I think this product is very solid. Not only does it provide a quality keyboard but it actually is a better way to play games with the joycons compared to the one in the box. I’m a big fan of this product even with its mild flaws. It’s 4.5-star item for sure amazon link is down below. Thanks for sending me this product for review besides the free sample no further compensation was provided.


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