HUMIXX Air Vent Magnetic Universal Cell Phone Holder Phone Car Mount Review

HUMIXX Air Vent Magnetic Universal Cell Phone Holder Phone Car Mount Review

The HUMIXX magnetic car mount holder is a little cooler then most car mounts that depend on strapping your phone down to its holder and hoping the spring doesn’t pop on a bump causing your phone to drop right before the critical turn on GPS mode. If you couldn’t tell this has happened to me as I don’t wish to relive that memory any further. This product is cooler because as I mentioned before it’s dependent on magnetism to function and don’t fret if your phone has a case. I was certain my galaxy s7 would not work as the Unicorn Beetle case is composed of mainly plastic. The product addressed that with another magnet you plug onto your phone thanks to this sticky white tape like material that you put on your phone first and then you place the magnet on and the product sticks to the holder with relative ease.

In terms of actual usage attaching the holder to your vents is relatively painless. To simulate this experience I used a fan in my room and was able to apply the product even while the fan is on. This is important as this could happen with your A/C vents mutually. The magnet is strong and supports 360 motion from your phone. Spinning it or just plain using it upside down is acceptable although I don’t know why you would need to do that. Maybe some sort of way to exploit an app or something? Overall it’s a solid product and does the job nothing more I can ask really. This item was sent to me for review no further compensation was provided.


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