Blu7ive 3 In 1 Portable Rapid Cell Phone Cooler And Stand Review

Blu7ive 3 In 1 Portable Rapid Cell Phone Cooler And Stand Review

The Blu7ive Cell Phone Cooler is definitely not for every phone owner or even most for that matter. It’s for a select group of hardcore Android or IOS games that’s really about it. Unless you have an LG phone which is known to overheat I guess. I don’t see any mainstream need but more of a niche especially regarding the emerging android gaming scene. Games like NOVA, Modern Combat or Dolphin emulation require GPU intensive processes to run properly. This tends to cause phones to overheat and when this happens as a defense mechanism the internal thermostat tells the CPU and GPU to throttle itself to cool off which results in poor performance over time which really hampers gameplay in this setting.

I don’t have any fancy temperature devices that could tell me what the internals of my galaxy s7 was doing during my testing however what I can say is it was noticeably cooler during my dolphin emulation and Nova 3 experience. I did not see any improvements while playing dolphin emulator as it’s more of an issue with the JIT compiler not being optimized for Snapdragon processors however modern combat did run about 5-10fps faster after extended playing time which typically is the time when it would begin to slow down which is awesome. The product comes with a USB port perfect charging the device you are using, you have a wheel that can change the speed of the fan and it has stands so you can use this product as a stand or hold it in your hand. Overall it’s a solid product however if you are someone who is really into android gaming go and buy a Chromebook already. I have the Acer Chromebook 14 and it runs android games 100x better then any phone can even with this product help. So this is why I’m so conflicted here so make sure you really need it if you choice to get it. Thanks for sending me this item for review.


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