Ulikit Modern L Shaped Corner Computer Office Desk Review

Ulikit Modern L Shaped Corner Computer Office Desk Review

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There is a lot to say regarding the Ulikit Modern L Shaped Corner Office Desk. Whether it’s the premium black/orange wood the desk is composed of or maybe the fact this may be the easiest piece of furniture I have ever built. It’s all so very interesting and as you could imagine the packaging of this product is no exception. Moving the box is quite a handful for sure this box is gigantic probably 7-8 feet tall and it’s around 75-100 pounds so it’s no joke. You will definitely need 2 people to carry this product even if you are the strongest man alive. Due to the sheer mass of the item, there is no avoiding this reality. Unless you are like me and decided to open the box and move one wood slab up the stairs at a time. All the items in the box from the nails, wood and metal rails are all graded E1 which means they are pretty eco-friendly which is a nice gesture. These materials are also clearly labeled with numbers or letters which are defined in the checklist provided in the instructions. There is minimal text on the instructions which is awesome because I can’t understand half the stuff people write on these things anyway with all the different dialects of English I have heard in Asia. Instead, large pictures illustrating each step of the construction process is showcased and I have to say it’s really cool. During the review, I was a little rushed due to this being filmed a day before I left for college so I did not have time to use all the pieces necessary for supporting the wood. I used all the infrastructure pieces necessary for the wood to stand but not the pieces which help stabilize the table if that makes sense. I was surprised at how sturdy the desk was even without these missing pieces. I put some heavy stuff probably between 10-20 pounds on the desk and the product performed very well with minimal shaking. Although it’s not indicated in the instructions you actually can convert this to a smaller desk if you so choose. I used the long piece of wood and modified the desk to just a standard rectangular desk as I don’t have any free corners in my tight room.

One thing to keep in mind is you are not receiving all the items showcased in the picture just the black desk. I saw someone complaining regarding this matter so why not clear it up? The company claims a 12-month warranty with all desks so if you have any issues make sure to contact them within the time allotted. The company also mentions how this desk could be used as a suitable mousepad. I’m not sure if I would agree with this. While I do admit the desk is quite smooth and refined my wireless mouse still skipped some movements just like any other desk. I do want to mention some of the cons with the desk as it’s not perfect. Firstly the things I mentioned which were the gigantic box size which could have been reduced by allowing the wood slabs to bend somehow and the claim that this could be used as a mouse pad. But there are other issues I did have that needs to be addressed. Like for example, the screwdriver provided is unsatisfactory. This screwdriver constantly loses it’s grip on the screw and occasionally strips the screw and the hole down a size. This is a real problem as I mistrust these screws over decades of time as the hold is not as good as I would have hoped. The last issue I had was with this item was the connections that require a hammer to mend. While making the connections were not too hard breaking these bonds was not so much. While I guess it’s a good thing knowing these clamps are really strong and really can’t be broken easily. I spent probably 10 minutes trying to break one of these bonds when I found out I was using the wrong piece. I had to hit this damn thing so hard I practically broke the clamp and now it doesn’t hold so well anymore. But overall while this product is far from perfection for the price tag it’s hard to go wrong with this item. It truly did everything I wanted it to do in the end minus some small concessions. Thanks, Ulikit for sending me this product for review no further compensation was provided beside a free sample.


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