Elzo Rechargeable Portable Foldable LED Desk Lamp Review

Elzo Rechargeable Portable Foldable LED Desk Lamp Review

I guess there is a first time for everything and this lamp definitely had that moment. I really have never heard of a lamp that did not need a power plug to use and this device proved me wrong. This product is a fully functional and flexible LED Lamp that uses micro USB power and a battery instead of depending on the AC power like 99% of other lamps. What a surprise for sure this thing can truly be taken anywhere and that’s not just because of the flexibility of its power source. This product can fold up into one layer and when this happens it’s quite small but at the same time, it can expand 4x into a much longer product that resembles more of a traditional lamp. Could the LED lamp be a little brighter? Sure but you are getting the most flexible lamp I have ever seen instead so it’s a fair trade-off I would hope.

Speaking more of the actual item here there are 2 lighting modes. One is full brightness which is not bad around 150 lumens while partial brightness is around half. Which can be used for late night activities and you can activate this by tapping the button behind the light bulb. If you click it again it will turn off fully. The product also comes with mounting equipment from 3M however the bottom layer of the product stands up on its own anyway so I see no need to do this, to be honest. I could see someone using this professionally it’s that versatile and it only uses 3 watts of power as well too. I like it a lot


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