HiCool Black Touch Screen Thermal Winter Gloves For Men & Women Review

HiCool Black Touch Screen Thermal Winter Gloves For Men & Women Review

Warm And Functional

The HiCool Black Touch Screen Thermal Winter Gloves which are surprisingly made for both genders apparently is actually a really awesome product to my surprise. As a native New Yorker and someone who has been taken advantage of by the Manhattan street vendors in the dead of winter. I’m used to paying 10-20 dollars for some sub-par generic winter gloves which barely work with my phone. So when I received this product in the mail for review I truly questioned to myself for the same price as these street vendors what could I actually get for money when I actually do research and wait patiently in the mail for gloves? Boy, what a difference patients can make people. This product absolutely destroys those street vendors gloves. It’s really comfortable and best of all my hands remained warm during testing. While it’s only September and I know how cold it can get up here all I can say is so far so good. And the good news doesn’t end there the product also does a nice job with the touch screen feature. Two fingers on each hand have this special touch sensitive layer which basically acts as a semi-permeable barrier allowing some heat to come through to the phone but not letting any cold back in. This is enough heat for the phone to pick up the finger action effectively allowing you to type or play games in really cold temperatures. The product also has this weird texture on the front. It reminds me of an NBA street basketball and seems to help you grip your phone among many other surfaces especially when your hands are wet in any fashion. I was also very surprised by the wrist cuff feature. They went above and beyond the average product. Usually, the wrist fabric is nothing to write home about but this item here actually seemed like it helped keep my hand dry and free of leaking cold air which happens with lesser items. Personally, I’m male and around 5 feet 7 inches and I choose the medium size glove. So anyone in this size range is probably better choosing this size then to go with the large. I gotta be honest considering the $14.99 price range here it really does a lot for your money. So while I have done nothing but gush over this product so far. There were indeed some concessions that were made to make this price competitive for the company which I will detail down below.

The product is not perfect however it is quite close. Firstly the product comes in grey and black variants. My issue is there is minimal variation between the colors the black just has a black outline and the grey has a grey outline. That’s the only difference between the two colors and it’s kinda a shame. The reason this is an issue is while I think the design seems nice. I don’t think some women will resonate with either design as the company does not provide any true girly colors like pink or purple for example. I can tell they were definitely prioritizing utility over style but it could not hurt to add some more colors to the Amazon listing. I also don’t understand why they attached this huge symbol on the front of the glove that says, Wind Buffer. It’s huge and unruly it’s simply unnecessary to include and I wish it was removed because I may have to do it then my self. But all and all these are truly the definitions of nic picks if I have ever heard of it. The truth is I really like this product and rarely do I review something that I think I will use on a daily basis. But I can say with confidence when the Winter finally does arrive I will probably be using this product every day and that’s the best endorsement I could possibly give. Thanks very much for sending me this product for review. No further compensation besides this free item was provided by the seller. Please buy this item using my link below it supports me greatly.


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