FREDI 4CH Security Camera System AHD 720P 1MP DVR Video Surveillance System Review

FREDI 4CH Security Camera System AHD 720P 1MP DVR Video Surveillance System Review

The Fredi 4CH Security Camera System provides a lot of features at an affordable rate. The box is well designed with a color-coded system on the front indicating the current progress of the setup. I was very surprised to see a computer mouse with this product. As an additional SATA drive is necessary when using this product. To access the drive port you must unscrew the base and attach the drive cable from the motherboard of the device to the SATA drive. This choice is interesting but effective once you figure out how to use it. The product is equipped with 4 720p IR cameras which use motion detection on any subject or you can just let it run continuously. The product comes with 2 power cords one for the primary box and the other one is for powering the 4 cameras which is done thanks to a 4-way splitter. Mounting equipment is also included in the packaging and can be used to attach to any surface.

The product does need a web exe called CMS and an app called Xmeye to get it up and running. Use the QR code from page 6 for the serial number and configure the rest of the info up to your digression. The mobile app does not contain any storage options so make sure you drive is doing well. The instructions are well worded although occasional mistranslations do occur. The packaging also looks quite nice. Overall Fredi picked an interesting route with their security system. The Sata Drive is something that’s going to be hard to get over but everything else works nicely.


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