XIKEZAN 1080P HD Trail & Game Camera Review

XIKEZAN 1080P HD Trail & Game Camera Review

The Xikezan 1080p HD Trail And Game Camera is a solid entry to this field here. It’s featured packed and should provide relief to any camper with its camouflage design. The 12MP camera should provide adequate photos in all lighting situations light and dark or eclipse for that matter. The IP54 rating is strong enough to not have to worry if the product is dropped in liquid. The 2.4″ display does the job although I do wish it was bigger it’s ok though as the screen is not used for much. The product supports up to 32GB of normal SD card that means your micro sd card will not work unless you have the proper adapters. The camera also has a long lens so you won’t be missing any action with its 120-degree view.

The instructions, mini USB cable, composite cables and mounting equipment all do the job as expected. The product films 1080p 15fps or 720p 30fps I do not suggest going anything lower than this although the option still remains. I do wish the product included a sd card although it’s not a deal breaker. It’s also a little annoying how the product does not include batteries and it needs 8 double AA batteries to function. Another note is to use the product please refer to the test switch and not the on switch which I find very interesting as this is atypical. The 1-year warranty is nice so is all the different buttons on the UI. From the menu button to the replay button and the D pad there is a lot of features to like here and only a few not to like.


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