VOVDOGG 1080p Dash Cam Pro Car Camera Review

VOVDOGG 1080p Dash Cam Pro Car Camera Review

The Jishiyuan Dash Cam Pro is a budget dash cam that removes all the extraneous feature of its successors to provide a very streamlined experience. There are only 2 modes a 5-megapixel camera mode and a 1080p 30fps filming mode that’s it. Very simple there are also tangible and very appealing looking buttons located under the screen with clear commands like record and up and down. I do wish there was a mini USB cable included as some people enjoy plugging these things into their pc and using it as a webcam like device as I do. I also wish it came with a micro sd card instead of making you buy one but these are small transgressions. The product works very nicely and viewing your footage is also quite easy thanks to the auto-erase feature which removes the oldest footage that it presumes you no longer need.

The microphone used by the product is not the best but it’s clear enough to distinguish voices but by no means gets any awards for fidelity. The visual quality is passible and you will definitely be able to see what’s being recorded however the footage does appear to be a little over saturated lacking natural colors. Well, the consequences of being cheap are finally showing however as long as you are not too picky there is no reason to hate on this camera. It’s extremely easy to use and export and the 30fps makes a big difference compared to others in this range


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