FREDI L16 1080p Spy Camera Review

FREDI L16 1080p Spy Camera Review

The FREDI L16 1080p Spy Camera is actually one of the best I’ve seen Spy cameras have always been plagued with a few issues across the board. Hampering true mainstream appeal for many unless you are willing to shell out 100s of dollars. However this product addresses one of the major issues and that is UI. I can’t tell you how annoying it is to not know whether your spy camera is recording or not as many of these don’t come with screens. This product has a clear on and off switch but what makes this special is the dedicated record button which you hold down for 5 seconds and wait for the red and blue light to shine indicating the product has begun working. The product needs a micro sd card which is not included in the box however if you use the micro USB cable in the box you can indeed connect it to a PC with relative ease.

The only thing I will say is the other issues with lower cost spy cameras still do exist. The footage does not look all that great which sucks. However what your recording is definitely distinguishable so I guess that’s all that matters. Also audio is also quite poor but once again this issue is not isolated to this product. The form factor of this product is quite appealing stick it in a hard to reach space and you should be able to record what ever you want with relative ease. The product comes with 2 attachable clips which means you could put this on your pants or maybe a backpack. Overall it’s a pretty solid spy camera check the video for a footage test.


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