LUOHE Hidden USB Spy Camera 12,000mAh With 32GB Internal Memory Review

LUOHE Hidden USB Spy Camera 12,000mAh With 32GB Internal Memory Review

The LUOHE Hidden USB Spy Camera and 12,000mAh Power Bank is a combination made in heaven. While visual and UI imperfection are prevalent and does hinder the ease of usage of the product. Once these hurdles are passed a very competent and useful product can be had here. The power bank contains 2 ports one provides 1Amp of charge while other provides 2Amps of charge. If this was solely a power bank that would be a let down as most devices consume power at a faster rate than the 1Amp output. Luckily this product also has a built-in spy camera. Which by the way has 32GB of internal storage onboard which is huge! When charging the device or when using the device 5 lights which represent 20%-100% could potentially go off. Which even one does look to the printed number under and you will know how much power is left. It does take around 3-4 hours to recharge the product and that is accomplished via the micro USB cable which is indeed provided in the box.

Now regarding the spy camera. Whatever your motive is for buying this product that’s none of my business. However, let me just say this now. This product cannot possibly be spotted by the average person. The lens is so small and so well hidden it blows my mind. Honestly, I could probably give this to someone let them use it and still they would not know what it’s truly doing. So you could potentially give this to your subject and let them do the hard work by allowing it to infiltrate the space you’re trying to spy on if it’s not your own. It’s genius while I had no need to do that maybe you need to. Just be aware you must hold down the power button for 6 seconds and look for a red light to indicate the product is working. File transfer via micro USB can sometimes be a pain and not work but with enough patients, your computer will identify the power bank. Overall this product is solid and has a purpose however it may need another iteration to fix some of the operational bugs. As these could be a deal breaker for some consumers. The seller has provided me with a 15% discount code here it is VCY9BOFW


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