Conbrov T11 720p Hidden Spy Camera Review

Conbrov T11 720p Hidden Spy Camera Review

The Conbrov 720p Hidden Spy Camera is interesting. Whatever your motive is for buying this product that’s none of my business. However, let me just say this now. This product cannot possibly be spotted by the average person. The lens is so small and so well hidden it blows my mind. Honestly, I could probably give this to someone let them use it and still they would not know what it’s truly doing. So you could potentially give this to your subject and let them do the hard work by allowing it to infiltrate the space you’re trying to spy on if it’s not your own. It’s genius while I had no need to do that maybe you need to. What makes this item stand out to other spy camera is the quality. The audio and visual quality is above average compared to others. The lack of micro sd card does dampen the experience and can force you to use one if you wish to use this product. Also, it’s not always clear if you are recording or not as the flashing colors are inconsistent in their appearance. The movable lens is a very nice addition however that makes this more flexible than others I have seen. The battery within the product is around 1000mah and should last 3-4 hours based on my testing you can use any micro USB cable to charge it including the one inside.

Overall I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to use it yet. The perfect situation has yet to present itself. However, if you have a need this product can fulfill it although that need may be morally questionable.But the power bank does make it more interesting than the typical spy camera. Once again that’s none of my business and it works great in all my testing so thanks for reading.


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