AirDisk USB 3.0 Wireless 32GB Universal Flash Drive For PC, Android, iPhone, Mac Review

AirDisk USB 3.0 Wireless 32GB Universal Flash Drive For PC, Android, iPhone, Mac Review

When it comes to reviews I get very picky when it comes to anything over 4 stars as I want my reviews here to have integrity. What we have here is a product that truly achieves everything I imagined when I first agreed to make this review. The instructions were quick and to the point located on the back of the packaging. No need for some poorly translated Chinese booklet and no need for begging for likes and reviews on their Amazon listing it’s refreshing. The product itself looks very nice and only slightly larger than the industry average for a normal 32GB External Flash Drive. Be aware the hardware files do take up a bit space leaving around 29GB of free space but that’s nothing out of the ordinary. There also is a nice USB cap that can be placed on to avoid damage during travel among other uses. The product comes in 4 different variants 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. I received the 32GB variant for review today. I tested it with Android and PC and had really no issues regarding the setup. I will get into more of how it works in a second. The price point of $39.99 I feel is very fair for the value provided however spending $140 for 256GB seems to have diminishing returns but that’s just my opinion on the matter.

Alright, it’s time to get into the actual experence. So this product is unique because it’s equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities that work well. Just hold down the wifi button on the side of the unit for 5 seconds and a blue light will shine above the USB Port. Make sure you download the application called DM Airdisk Pro beforehand. At this point go into your wifi settings and switch to the newly activated Airdisk wifi network that’s being projected from the flash drive. If your phone says connected but no internet that’s fine and that means it’s working. The application now should recognize your phone at this point and now it’s time to upload files from your internal storage or your micro sd card. The transfer speeds are the only nitpick I have about this product. It works and the wifi setup was quite easy however the file transfer speeds are a little slow but it’s forgivable considering how well the execution was with everything else. If you want to view your files virtually there is an option to send them to Dropbox or to just plug in the flash drive to a computer at this point. You really can’t stream videos or music on the native application as you have to remember you are still connected to the Airdisk flash drive wifi network and it projects a very weak signal not strong enough for streaming or really anything. Overall I’m a big fan of this product and I recommend it to any user who needs a wireless flash drive. It has small flaws but they can easily be glanced over Thanks for sending me this item for review. No further compensation was provided besides a free sample. If you enjoyed this review don’t forget to donate or check out my youtube channel.


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