IeGeek K28 Mechanical Backlit Gaming Keyboard Review

IeGeek K28 Mechanical Backlit Gaming Keyboard Review

The ieGeek 87 Key Gaming Mechanical Keyboard is a very cool product for budget gamers. If you are aware of the stereotypical clicking sound a keyboard can make especially ones of mechanical nature then you will be right at home with this keyboard. All the keys are raised and as you type the click sounds emanate from the base of the unit. Speaking of the base it comes with a hand rest which is truly the only flaw of this item. For whatever reason, it will not stay in place it keeps falling out as soon as any pressure is applied. I don’t what I’m doing wrong but luckily It’s not mandatory nor useful in this case. I’m a big fan of the lighting it’s extremely visible and it makes cool effects when it’s turned on. You won’t be guessing with this item regarding if it’s working or not because it’s quite evident.

Typing with this product was a joy it was easy to use however my standard laptop keyboard I’m using right now is also pretty good and it comes preinstalled on my computer. So, unfortunately, I don’t see enough of a reason to switch to it as my daily driver however it was not made for this anyway. They call this a gaming keyboard for a reason and it does not disappoint. Accessing the chat in TF2, switching between weapons in Overwatch and 360 no scopes in cod 4 were all easier with this product. The issue is I’m a casual gamer who does not have a need to do this too often. So I think that’s the question you must ask yourself unless your current keyboard is complete trash I’m not sure I would get this again unless I was a big gamer.


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