ieGeek USB 3.0 Ultra Slim Portable DVD Player/Burner Review

ieGeek USB 3.0 Ultra Slim Portable DVD Player/Burner Review

Laptops these days in a pursuit of portability and stealth have increasingly axed the aging DVD drive from their computers. Dell is no exception to this rule as my Dell Inspiron 7559 purchased last year did not have the DVD drive. What exactly does this mean? Well not only has digital media caused obsoletion but DVD drives are one more mechanical part of an increasingly stationary system. Thankfully the ieGeek USB 3.0 DVD drive has once again provided this functionality to my computer. I was able to watch Pokemon the movie 2000 with relative ease once I figured out one thing. The preinstalled exe called pcfreedom or something is absolute trash. It will constantly disconnect and if I tried playing a movie it says to update my directx drivers which is ridiculous I’m not adding a texture mod to GTA 5 or something. I’m watching a DVD something that has existed for 20+ years.

Please proceed with removing this bloatware from your computer and downloading PowerDVD from CyberLink instead. It was a joy to use and my DVD worked nicely. Sometimes the product will not fully open up if you click on the open button this is mildly annoying but it’s forgivable. I was happy to see this product was able to read all of my disks. Some of the disks were quite scratched up during my childhood. I rather not splash toothpaste on a nostalgic treasure. You can also burn DVDs with this thing but I had no use for that. Overall it’s a solid product with mild inconveniences


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