Nulaxy KM12 LED Backlit Bluetooth Rechargeable Mechanical Keyboard Review

Nulaxy KM12 LED Backlit Bluetooth Rechargeable Mechanical Keyboard Review

The Nulaxy KM12 LED Backlit Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard is very similar to the product I reviewed approximately one year ago. So if you see similarities between the models well I think it’s self-explanatory why. Let me address the subtle but very beneficial changes made to this 2018 model of the product. Firstly and most importantly the feedback from the keyboard definitely feels more mechanical then last year. I’m not saying it’s pure mechanical or anything but its feedback is mechanical like and considering the price it’s very impressive. The other change is the backlight. When you start typing the backlight which happens to be a blue hue turns on automatically. In darker environments, it’s very noticeable and can help improve typing speeds. I can’t even tell you how long it used to take me to type longer emails on my phone. This product helped decrease my timing and made this a viable backup for completing assignments on google docs if for some reason my computer was not working at the time. Which is unforuntely what happens at times when your computer has Windows 8 installed. I’m not saying this to everyone or every situation like I’m not sure if I would trust this thing with an Ipad pro or some larger tablet. The stand feels somewhat secure but it’s not actually holding on to any devices just provides a nice incline for your phone or table to stand up as you type.

I was surprised to see it use Bluetooth as I’m not used to that for this type of keyboard in the price range specified. It even works with IOS and Mac users as I stated before which is not a given in this day and age as Apple keeps pushing more proprietary BS software which in this case is its Mifi technology as a superior to Bluetooth. The leather-like casing on the outside is not merely used for standing up your phone. This can also be closed up which means traveling with this item is very easy and you don’t have to worry about scratching it. My keys were black I noticed some people have white I’m not sure why but I assume that was an older model. In regards to the negatives firstly the backspace key is small I like how they finally moved the backspace button to the correct spot which is a huge improvement over the spot for it last year. Please fix this and 5 stars could be coming in 2019. Overall I’m very happy with this product I would not be surprised if the company took a look at my review last year and made some necessary changes in this iteration. It’s the finest Bluetooth keyboard I have reviewed so far but perfection is out of the question on this model at least. This was sent to me for review no further compensation was provided thanks Nulaxy I hope you take my comments to heart.


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