Blade Hawks GM-X5 Gaming Mouse Review

Blade Hawks GM-X5 Gaming Mouse Review

The Blade Hawks GM-X5 Gaming Mouse does a solid job replacing your Logitech gaming mouse at a fraction of the cost. The features are existent but not plentiful and that’s ok. Most of those extraneous Logitech prodigy features are something I don’t need anyway. The blade hawk comes with 4 clickable buttons 2 on each side. G1 is for going forward, G2 is for going backward. While G3 and G4 were programmable although I’m not sure exactly how it’s done it’s possible some way according to the instructions. The USB cable is long probably around 10ft and fits my laptop with ample space remaining. The colors are very cool it’s a rainbow and every second a new color transition occurs which I like.

The product has 3 DPI options the first option is too slow and not usable for most while the second option which appears to be around 1000-2000 dpi is the mid point and is roughly what a typical mouse runs at. The third option is double which I presume is around 4000dpi and it can be used for gaming, however, I still just use a controller on pc gaming anyway. The mouse clicks with satisfaction and the scroll wheel does allow input so that’s very nice to hear. This product works with windows 10 and surprisingly mac as well. Overall it’s a very nice mouse I would say it’s more suitable for medium hands as the length of the item is longer than others I have tested but that’s not bad in any way.


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