Elzo Extended Gaming Mouse Mat Review

Elzo Extended Gaming Mouse Mat Review

The Elzo Gaming Mouse Mat is in no way a mouse pad you may be thinking of. This thing is an absolute beast in it’s 90cm of length which equates to around 3 feet. To be honest I thought I was receiving something a lot smaller but alas you can adjust to its mammoth size. Maybe it’s designed to fit under your laptop maybe I’m not sure. It has red accents on the edges which adds to the appeal of the product as black and red are prototypical colors for gaming related wares and such. In terms of actual usage, it’s a very fine product. Macro adjustments which previously required concentration can now be accomplished with relative ease.

TF2 has never been easier for me and my KD with the soldier shows. I love running the black box, half Zatoichi and rocket jumper and it went from a 1.2 to a 1.5 in my limited time using it. The reason is very simple the topography of my desk is poor with this weird texture that causes me to mess up a lot. I could just use a Bluetooth controller like some console noob but that’s not me. So yes this worked for me but my oh my is this very big I had to let part of it hang off the edge of my desk. You also get an instruction manual which warns about the smell. I definitely smelled something subtle but it did dissipate over a few days of usage. Overall it’s like Heavy’s Big Bertha with so much potential you need to learn how to use it properly if you wish for it to be useful. I was sent this item for review no additional compensation was provided.


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