EasySMX V18 Wired Optical Gaming 4000DPI Mouse Review

EasySMX V18 Wired Optical Gaming 4000DPI Mouse Review

The EasySMX V18 Wired Optical Gaming 4000DPI Mouse is cool with it’s black and red gaming inspired design, It’s 6 programmable buttons and it’s nylon red USB cable. All these features come together to make a nice little product for a very affordable rate indeed. While the product doesn’t scream premium that doesn’t mean it’s not worthy. The little things count with this item here. The extra grip material on the side of the mouse and the very adaptive scrolling wheels are little details I’m a big fan of. While the resistance on the clicker may be a little lacking and the fact this thing still needs batteries which are already installed but still it’s noticeable. These little nitpicks don’t destroy it or anything. But when you look at the price range you start to understand why it’s listed this way.

DPI is flexible from low all the way to 4000DPI which is more than any sane person would need. MLG players wouldn’t be using this mouse anyway. The cord length is around 1.5M according to the instructions and I find this more than acceptable for my purposes. That’s enough length to cover the perimeter of the laptop so that’s good. Overall if you are truly on a tight budge and are willing to make some mild concessions its hard to go wrong here with this EasySMX mouse.


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