TaoTronics TT-FS001 Bluetooth Wireless Body Composition/Fat Smart Scale Review

TaoTronics TT-FS001 Bluetooth Wireless Body Composition/Fat Smart Scale Review

The TaoTronics TT-FS001 Smart Scale is impressive in multiple facets. Starting with the visual design it’s very high tech without the high tech price. The area reserved for measurements are hidden among the scale’s surface and only appears once weight is applied to the scale. The design reminds me of modern art with its curvy lines that scatter over the surface of the product. Make sure you don’t use the product on carpet or your readings will not be accurate. Hardwood is the recommended surface as there are no divets. The company recommends you download the Taotronics healthier app which allows configuring the necessary settings for this product. From the unit of measurement to your body type for BMI calculations. I know scales tend to weigh either a little too high or low for some reason. It may have something to do with the variations of gravitational pull emanating from the earth’s solid core. Anyway, this one tends to increase weight scores by around .1-.2 which is a reasonable differential.

Using the product is very easy as minimal amount of setup is required. Four Triple AAA batteries are required fortunately they are indeed included in the box. Once installed on the bottom of the unit just find some hard floors and you’re ready to go. Be aware the product is initially programmed for KG. So you must download the app I previously mentioned if you wish to change to lbs or if you wish to see your weight history which is actually really cool. Unfortunely the app wants you to make an account and it’s mandatory. I don’t understand this the last thing I need is another account but you have no choice here. Luckily email confirmation is not needed so you could just put in some random email with no issue. Apparently, the FDA approved this item so that should add some confirmation. Overall it’s a really solid scale with only minor gripes preventing perfection. I was not compensated in anyway to write this review. I was however sent a free sample for my unbiased opinion.


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