Boomile E26 LED Light Bulb with Remote Control Review

Boomile E26 LED Light Bulb with Remote Control Review

If you were to describe the Boomile E26 LED light bulb in one word it would indeed be colorful. As it has a wide array of different colors to display. It’s pretty unique to see a light bulb do this as I’m used to those LED fixtures that provide a lot of colors and a remote but not a light bulb. It’s not perfect by any means as the brightness could use some adjusting it’s not always bright enough and some of the buttons on the remote tend to not change anything for what I could see.

Applying this product to my lighting fixture was quite easy I got lucky it fit in my fixture. I did zero pre-planning and it could have been the wrong size but that did not happen. Make sure you screw in the product all the way to ensure no issues regarding the light bulb. What’s cool about this thing is the timer mode you can set it for 1 hour all the way up to 23 hours if you want and it’s useful in certain situations. The company also claims 50,000 hours of life, however, I have no way to prove that. Overall the Boomile E26 LED light bulb does the job although its job only fulfills a task for a small niche of people who know how to compromise. This item was sent free of charge for review no further compensation was provided nor permitted.


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