Tecboss Dual Foldable Phone Tablet Nintendo Switch Stand Review

Tecboss Dual Foldable Phone Tablet Nintendo Switch Stand Review

The Tecboss Dual Foldable Phone Tablet Stand is indeed a versatile product. I presume it works from many products from tablets to phones however the purposes for my tests were a little bit different. I recently purchased the new Nintendo Switch and the product comes with a kickstand so you may be wondering why exactly I need this? Well, first of all, it gives me a little more elevation and secondly and more importantly I can choose a better angle more suitable for my playing style. In both cases, this product does the job and as long as you have sturdy and balanced surfaces it does that job well.

Transporting this product is indeed quite easy when it’s not being used. It folds up perfectly great for planes trains and automobiles. The aluminum alloy looks nice and it’s not just for looks it also helps prevents scratches and skids from happening so that’s real nice.They claim it works with iPhones, Galaxies, Nintendo Switches, Ipads, Kindles etc. Based on what I tested here I would assume that is the case. I do have some small nitpicks with this product as it’s not perfect. Firstly I wish you could make this thing taller. It gets maybe 3-6 inches of the ground and secondly, if your surface is not balanced it may tip over. Overall it’s a cool product I’ll definitely be using to play the legend of Zelda breath of the wild on my road trip coming up


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