BassPal SoundRo BT23S Portable Bluetooth Waterproof Rich Bass Speaker Review

BassPal SoundRo BT23S Portable Bluetooth Waterproof Rich Bass Speaker Review

The BassPal SoundRo BT23S Portable Bluetooth Speaker is a visually appealing product. While the speaker experence may not be as impressive as the aesthetic that doesn’t mean it’s not a good product. The box the item comes with is actually really cool it’s one of those boxes you pull up on and it opens up like a DeLorean and it’s very well done. The product does, in fact, comes with a 3.5mm audio jack cable and a micro USB cable for charging. Although it might not be apparent at first as it’s strategically hidden in a small crevice on the side of the box. The actual product itself is very visually appealing to the eye. It looks really sharp and it appears as if it’s high quality. You can tell they put a lot of time into the design here overall and it stands out. I’m also a really big fan of the layout the + and – buttons are well made and have a satisfying click. They are situated right next to the pause/play button and the power button which also functions as a Bluetooth button when it’s held down for 5 or more seconds. If you are having any issues with this process ensure the blue light located on the front of the speaker is flashing which indicates it’s indeed searching for a Bluetooth signal.

So now for the meat and potatoes how does this product sound? Well, the product is infused with an impressive bass boost that’s most evident during any type of musical beats or sounds in the rap or pop genre. It sounds great however the biggest flaw of the product will also be evident during this time. The vocal performance is not too good here and it’s a shame because it had so much going for it. The vocals sound muffled in a fashion that’s reminiscent of a poor bass and tremble tunning on a microphone. Especially if you use the item for classic rock or jazz it’s simply not the best. The product is equipped with a 2000mah battery which lasts many hours and should never die on you if you choice to charge it after each and every use. The bottom of the item appears to have some sort of suction function as picking up the item or sliding it definitely felt more difficult than usual and that’s definitely a good thing. The product claims to have some sort of subwoofer. I honestly have no idea why it says that it’s probably just a marketing term or something. Overall It’s a solid speaker and is usable for many buyers. While the sound is not perfect and this may definitely be a turn off for some. The sexy exterior of it may just make up for it. Thanks for sending me this item for review no further compensation was provided besides a free sample.


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