OJA Portable Bluetooth Speaker 5.0 with 10W Strong Bass AOOE K116 5.0-Blue Review

OJA Portable Bluetooth Speaker 5.0 with 10W Strong Bass AOOE K116 5.0-Blue Review

The OJA Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 10W strong bass is a surprising package. At the bottom of the acceptable price range at around $20 little to no exceptions were excepted by me but I’m glad to say it definitely surpassed that. I really enjoyed the choice to use an on and off switch instead of a button. This is awesome because when you turn the product on it automatically searches for Bluetooth signal. Typical speakers require you to hold down the power button for 5-10 seconds and it’s really a pain. I also like the design choice to offer many colors. Blue, Black among many others but I chose the blue. The fast forward, rewind and pause and play buttons do work normally as they do on any speaker. The back of the speaker like many others has this cheap plastic feel which is a fingerprint magnet. The product comes with mini stands on the bottom which helps suction the product to the ground but it’s nothing significant. The product also comes with a micro USB cable and 3.5mm audio jack cable so yea it’s a nice little package indeed.

Now regarding the actual product itself, the audio performance is actually quite impressive considering the price tag. The speaker does not have much of any bass boost which means there is nothing for the speaker to hide behind when it comes to vocals. And I have to say the vocals sounded really clear and realistic relatively speaking considering the price tag. I was very surprised by this occurrence and it was definitely not expected. I played some XXXatenction songs off camera and some doctor vox royalty free stuff on camera. I really enjoyed this product and before I forget connecting Bluetooth to my phone was very easy and only took a few seconds. OJA is the company that sent me this product for review however many companies sell this product with their brands printed on the product. It’s a solid piece of tech from where ever the source factory is and I see why many brands have been using this item. Thanks for sending me this for review no further compensation was provided.


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