Paxcess SoundCup-L Wireless Speaker with 20W Strong Bass Review

Paxcess SoundCup-L Wireless Speaker with 20W Strong Bass Review

The Paxcess SoundCup-L Wireless Speaker with 20W Strong Bass is a respectable item that provides good sounds and has quite a few bells and whisles I’ve personally never before seen. I find it interesting regarding the design of this product. I’m guessing they intentionally wanted the product to look like a water bottle and they succeeded. To accomplish this some interesting design choices had to be made. To change the volume of the item it may not be apparent at first. But you have to spin this dial located under the cover. It’s weird and almost feels like taking a cap off a water bottle. The forward and back button commonly found on Bluetooth speakers are here as well but not as your used to. The top of the device has a touchscreen and by dragging your finger in opposite directions you can control forwards and backward. The product also has an inside and outside mode. The outside mode sounds more realistic while the inside sound definitely utilizes all 20 watts for a more bass boosted music experence.

Bluetooth pairing was easy enough just hold down the power button and wait for the blue button to flash. Personally, I felt the outside mode sounded much better and I used that mode even when I was inside. The micro USB charging port and 3.5mm audio jack port are both located in a hidden flap on the back of the product. To ensure the product achieves IPX4 this was one design choice that had to be made and I’m fine with that. I did find the product a little challenging to remove from the box and I had to destroy the outer cover of the box. The battery is around 4000mah and will last 4-8 hours depending on volume and sound settings. Overall it’s definitely a step up from the average Bluetooth speaker I’ve seen. Is it worth the price increase well that’s just a decision you will have to make for your self.


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