Nulaxy Business Pro Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Review

Nulaxy Business Pro Rechargeable Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Review

The Nulaxy Business Pro Rechargeable Wireless Keyboard truly does it all when in regards to typing. I can’t even tell you how long it used to take me to type emails on my phone. I’m not saying this to everyone or every situation however when it comes to writing longer messages this thing is a beast. If I ever forget my laptop this thing could really be a replacement. Just open up Google Docs and start typing with this thing it’s that easy.

I was surprised to see it uses Bluetooth as I’m not used to that for this type of keyboard. It even works with IOS and Mac users as well. It comes with the leather-like casing on the outside which means carrying this thing is very easy and stylish of course. My keys were black I noticed some people got white however not sure why but I assume that was an older model. In regards to the negatives firstly the backspace key is small and not located in the same spot as Windows it’s higher up. Please fix this also I do wish the overall size of the device was a little larger. Also, did I mention you can fold the case back and use it to stand your phone up. It’s a very nifty gadget that can really be used to replace your PC in certain cases. This was sent to me for review no further compensation was provided.


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