TB Make Life Easy Plastic Bag Sealer Review (AS SEEN ON UNBOX THERAPY)

TB Make Life Easy Plastic Bag Sealer Review (AS SEEN ON UNBOX THERAPY)

After watching the TB Make Life Easy Plastic Bag Sealer on Unbox Therapy I knew this was something I needed to have. I’m a college student and I consume chips and other snacks on a weekly basis. Sometimes I don’t necessary finish the bag and I usually put the bag away which lets the product become stale over time. Some products like Fritos and lays are quite processed and usually tastes fine. But cap cod chips or Doritos seem to have a much shorter shelf live and will get scale. So this product is made for stuff like that. Setup was easy enough you just turn the lock off and make sure it has some sort of charge. The product comes with a micro USB cable so it’s easy enough to do this by leaving it in the charger for like 10 minutes before first time use. The company claims the product employs micro thermal technology which makes sense as the bag gets very hot as I started to apply the seal to the bag. One important note is to use this product on a flat surface as you must move quickly when applying the mixture as it will start burning holes through the bag if you hold it on one spot for too long. I don’t think it matters which side of the product goes where. Once you get this process right it’s quite effective the product will not get stale anymore it will last much longer so it definitely works when done right.

Going back to charging there is a micro USB port at the bottom of the product the company claims it takes 45 minutes to fully charge the product which sounds reasonable. You do get some sort of feedback letting you know it’s charging thanks to a flashing blue light. I have not fully charged this thing yet so I’m not sure if the color changes maybe if it’s fully charged. If you want more info on the tangible product well it’s black and white it’s relatively small like a USB stick and it’s compact and could fit in your pocket easily. Overall the TB Make Life Easy Plastic Bag Sealer is an extremely useful product although it feels more like a beta product then an actual full product. Sealing needs to become more user friendly. I burned holes through my first 2 bags of chips which for some people may be 1 to many to consider using the product. Hopefully they make a 2.0 where their is less resistance when dragging the product across the bag and maybe cool it down a bit so it doesn’t burn holes through the product. But still, besides those criticisms, this product is extremely useful and is prolonging the lifespan of all my chips so for that I thank them. Hoped this review assisted you if you have any questions regarding this review please don’t hesitate to leave them down below as I will respond. This product was sent to me for review no further compensation was provided.


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