Smonet IPad Desktop Anti-Theft Kiosk Holder with Lock Review

Smonet IPad Desktop Anti-Theft Kiosk Holder with Lock Review

The Smonet Anti Theft Ipad Holder was not something I needed all that much but I imagine if you are running some sort of kiosk or temporary pop up shop something like this could be very useful. I was very surprised how easy it was to set up this product in only 10 minutes the product was locked to my tablet and ready to go. I did not screw this thing into my wall/desk but could easily be done with the tools provided in the box. I applied my iPad 1st generation with no issue as locking this thing is quite simple. Just push the lock up into the product and turn the key and that’s it. I realize my explanation is not all that great but it’s not easy to explain. This product is not quite heavy probably between 5 to 10 pounds and this definitely makes sense as flimsy materials will not last as long in anti-theft situations.

The company makes cases that do basically the same thing but I recommend this holder as a variety of devices like Ipad 1,2,3 and 4 works while also Android devices like the galaxy tab etc. All the ports still work and are not blocked by this holder which is great to see. The exact size dimensions are 7.1 to 10.1 inches and if your device is bigger you could always turn it horizontally which typically has less length. You do need your own screwdriver when applying the smaller screws especially connecting the holder piece to the neck of the item but that’s a small provision most people have anyway. Overall I highly recommend the Smonet anti-theft iPad holder it can carry most tablet devices, can be set up quickly and it’s quite affordable as well. This product was sent to me for review no further compensation was provided.


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