MORR Audio USB Studio Microphone Review With Sound Test

MORR Audio USB Studio Microphone Review With Sound Test

The MORR Audio USB Studio Microphone goes above and beyond the rudimentary condenser microphone. However, that doesn’t mean you’re compromising on some of the convinces of this product category. It comes with USB power so no need for an amp comes with a mic stand and a holder as well so you’re not compromising on anything but you usually see on a condenser USB microphone.

What makes this product special is the audio quality and background noise. I simply plugged it in opened my program called Bandicam. And raised the volume to 100% and that’s it. No background noise and high-quality audio without having to tinker with the settings. I’m used to excessive background noise on these studio microphones. Something the blue yeti needs to work on however it’s not a problem in this case.

Speaking of design it’s a beauty. I don’t know what metal the top part is made out of but my of my it’s a visual spectacle. It’s beautiful and reminds me of the ball on news year eve as it elegantly shines in my room. I believe a different metal is used to cover the base. And of course the stand is probably plastic but it’s all right. I made a youtube video for sound if you wish to hear how this sounds. Overall the Morr Audio USB Studio Microphone is leaps and bounds ahead of most condenser USB microphones which is why it costs slightly higher. However the value proposition it brings to your channel is quite great so it’s worth it for many. This product was sent to me for review no further compensation was provided.


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