EocuSun Aluminum Car Vehicle Doorstep With Safety Hammer Review

EocuSun Aluminum Car Vehicle Doorstep With Safety Hammer Review

Only Useful For Larger SUVs

The EocuSun Aluminum Car Doorstep is very interesting. While this product claims to be usable with all CRVs, SUVs, and Trucks I’m not sure if that’s the case. The product was not very useful for my Honda CRV 2002 as the step is placed higher up then my seat making it effectively useless in my case. I could definitely see this product being useful for a truck for example that requires a large first step to enter the vehicle. The product is quite heavy and is made of primarily aluminum construction. The use of quality materials is quite evident in this case as the product barely moved and definitely did not crack during my video review. As I put all 120 pounds of weight solely on the product as I stood for around 10 seconds. This was a smart move as if an old person uses this product and was to fall you would have some serious liability issues indeed. One thing I find interesting is how this exact same product with minimal variations is being sold by many Chinese based sellers like Liberrway, Helestep or Anngrowy. This is a common occurrence on Amazon and various other markets these days so that’s not necessarily a concern. Typically there are 2 reasons why this is the case as it’s either a very high margin item being bought in large quantities or maybe the product is well made and is selling well through the many brands that slap their brand label on this product. Typically this occurs in the source factory somewhere in southeastern China possibly Shenzen or Guangzhou. I personally believe it’s a combination of each, to be honest.

So installation of this product was quite easy and all you have to do is simply attach the product to the hook on the inner side of the car door and that’s it. The product uses the door base as a means of standing at the correct angle at all times. I do wish you could use the product when the door was closed but alas that’s not the case no matter what the instructions may suggest. I found it quite peculiar that the included manual shows a picture of a closed car door with the product in use as I could not reproduce this in any of my testings. Which means after every use you must pull the product off the hook and have it ready for the next use which is annoying. The company claims up to 550lbs of force can be used with this product and that seems to be the case based on the empirical evidence provided in my previous paragraph. The box of this product says the word “emergency” I was quite confused at first what these means but after further reading the instructions it seems you can use this to break your window in case of an emergency. I had no means of testing this feature for obvious reasons so I can’t comment on that. Overall the EcouSun Aluminum Car Door Step is definitely useful for a certain demographic. Like a truck driver or maybe a stay at home parent with an SUV for their many children. But for me it’s usage is quite limited and could only be used for its emergency feature, unfortunately. This product was sent to me for review no further compensation was provided.


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