Spedal Full HD Youtube Live Streaming 1080p Webcam Review

Spedal Full HD Youtube Live Streaming 1080p Webcam Review

Prefectly Executed But Could Use Slightly Better Visuals

The Spedal Full HD Youtube Live Streaming Webcam is executed nearly flawlessly. I can’t tell you how many issues I have had with webcams over the years. I’m happy to report this product here doesn’t have most of those same issues. Like for example when the products are plugged into my Windows computer sometimes the computer doesn’t recognize the device in any capacity and no connection sound rings. Also sometimes I enter bandicam and the webcam has a horrible frame rate which requires a computer restart due to a power surge from the USB port from the faulty wiring of the webcam. And let’s not forget the infamous your webcam is being used by another program bug where sometimes lesser products won’t work with your recording software because it claims you are using this webcam with another program even with all the windows closed. Anyway moving on into the actual review here I found the box to be visually appealing but deficient of adequate visuals. The box has one small black and white diagram on the side which showcases the aesthetics of the product. I do think a big colorful picture of the product should be right on the front of the product. Otherwise, it makes the box look like some sort of template printed online. The USB cable provided is preinstalled into the webcam and stretches to around 10 feet. This is definitely long enough for most peoples usage and so is the page numbers in the instruction manual. I think the design of the actual webcam itself is actually quite nice. It’s nice and wide like the Brio from Logitech and has lights that shine when the product is plugged in. My most favorite feature about this product has to be the really awesome clip. The clip can attach to any laptop perfectly on the first try and no need for tape or anything of that nature. The hold happens to be very secure I accidentally dropped my laptop during testing. To my surprise, I was happy to see that the webcam was still working even after scuffling up the base of the unit. I was also surprised by the resolution advertised on the Amazon listing and the box. The advertised resolution is not 1080p but the perculier resolution of 1536p. I don’t understand why this was chosen and they really should change this immediately as it’s going to hurt their SEO results as nobody is searching for this resolution. Not only that but it’s not like this is only resolution available. On bandicam, I was easily able to switch to 1080p so that’s not the reasoning either.

So now to the main event the recording quality of this product. At a $50 price tag, you are approaching the mid-range for webcams. The improvements from this over an entry-level model is well documented. Whether it’s the high-quality screen clip or the wide 100-degree viewing perspective it’s definitely clear. But how does the recording quality compare to budget models? Well, I tested it in a low light environment and while it’s good it’s simply not as great as some of the other features. I found the footage to lack sharpness at times it’s not bad by any means and could be used as a youtube webcam. But you can’t really use this for professional recording and nor should you for a $50 webcam. The camera has a wide variety of resolutions from 1080p to 144p and everything in between. You have 30fps options at the top and all the way down to 5fps mode on the bottom. I tested the 30fps mode and it’s really smooth and I like it that way. The camera did not lag not even once and that’s a relief. I personally used bandicam a paid quality recording program when doing this testing. Be aware if you use free open sourced programs typically they are more buggy by design and your results could potentially differ from mine. I do believe the product has an internal microphone it’s fine and does the job but why on earth would you not buy a microphone of your own when recording anything on youtube? That should just be common sense but if you don’t have one then yea it’s for sure usable. I was also a fan of the zooming ability of this product. While it’s not something I need I was still impressed with the 15M zoon that worked in my practices. Speaking of being a fan did I mention the background switch feature? If you are using streaming programs like X-Split you can easily replace a green screen background with the game for example. This leads to some awesome production values similar to what Ninja or Pewdiepie would do. Overall to sum up this product it’s a really solid product that’s definitely a step above other webcams. But the visual fidelity is what prevents this product from perfection and a 5-star rating in my opinion. It’s just not as sharp as my camera I currently use but it’s something you can definitely get over. If you wish to purchase this product amazon link will be done below. Thanks for sending me this product for review no further compensation was provided beside a review sample of course.


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