KDLINKS DX2 Full-HD 1080P Dash CAM Webcam WITH VIDEO TEST Review

KDLINKS DX2 Full-HD 1080P Dash CAM Webcam WITH VIDEO TEST Review

The KDLINKS® DX2 Full-HD 1080P Front + 720P Rear 290° Super Wide Angle Car Dash Cam is without any hesitation the definitive product in the dash cam market. No product truly accomplishes all of what KDLINKS packed into this camera. Problems from poor visuals which is a very common issue by the way. That’s not the only issue lack of audio is another problem I have seen, lack of rear camera limits the evidence you could give to police, poor night vision and just a lack of camera options from resolution to Iso etc. This camera does not have any of those issues. If you are wondering about what comes with the product the company was quite generous and it’s very appreciated. Firstly the CPL polarizing filter is truly an awesome feature. Anytime glare becomes a problem simply attach this to your camera lens and it will block any excess light which leads to better shots. Can’t even imagine what would happen if you were to crash with heavy glare and the cops couldn’t use the footage. Thankfully that’s no problem here. Well… if you remember to put it on. Next is the car holder with the suction thing which attaches the camera to the front window of your car. This is necessary to secure your camera and prevent damage during braking and acceleration. In my testing, I had no circumstances where the camera fell off. That’s good news as it would be useless otherwise. If you are traveling with this product and you are not bringing your car this company also has you covered. The product comes with a carry-on bag which your camera fits smoothly into and it won’t scratch your lens either during this time. My recommendation is to bring the polarizing lens and use it as a lens cap as scratching a camera lens is never a good idea and can happen unintentionally during travel. Next, this is by far the coolest thing it comes with a 16GB micro sd card from Kingston which is really awesome. I may use this for something else or something because it’s a solid micro sd card and it even comes with the adapter which is great as most computers only accept standard sd cards at the moment.

Next is the car charger which plugs into your cigarette lighter on one end and the mini USB port on the camera which provides power to the very weak 200Mah battery. This battery is so weak it dies within 10 seconds after unplugging it. The company claims this was due to safety concerns but I do wish they went for a slightly lower safety rating and just gave us a better battery. Hopefully, next time that happens. Next is the rear 720p camera which is powered with a micro USB cable they also give you. This 720p camera is not bad and will satisfy your needs as the rear camera is a little less detailed but still nice. Finally, you have a standard mini USB cable which can open up your charging options as you are not dependent on a car charger. Now, this is where the product gets interesting. I have had a need for a solid webcam for my youtube channel. My current webcam is my laptop one that’s very poor in quality. I personally have little need for a dash cam at the moment as I’m an assertive driver living in a first world nation. Am I naive on this point? Probably but I really need a solid webcam for youtube videos and this product has you covered surprisingly! I thought to myself what would happen if I plugged in the mini USB cable into my computer? As soon as this happened the camera gave me an option mass storage or PC Camera and I clicked PC camera and some drivers downloaded and my recording software Bandicam picked up the camera has a video source and even an audio source if I wanted. I was very ecstatic and the quality is much better than my webcam. I’m very satisfied with this product. Overall if you want the definitive rear and frontal dash camera with all the bells and whistles and even works as a webcam. You won’t go wrong here and I recommend this product. Thanks so much for reading this review hope it helped and if you have any questions leave them down below.


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