Tecboss Silicone Case for Nintendo Switch and Joy-Con Review

Tecboss Silicone Case for Nintendo Switch and Joy-Con Review

Man oh man those grips on the silicon tecboss case for Nintendo switch and joy cons are really really good. I’m a big fan it fixes a major problem with the switch which is controls. Having one stick so low then one stick so high for me makes games like BOTW a little harder than it should or could be. This product fixes that issue. There also are those two taller grip looking things. I don’t know what they are for you don’t need them as far as I can tell.

Now if we talk about the actual product the Silicon Case is solid but nothing special. It’s a nice solid piece of silicon that covers the switch and makes everything more comfortable. It’s not a perfect product firstly there is no way to take the joy con off the product without firstly taking off the piece of silicon. Secondly, my product came a little dirty but that should be something that’s not common. Overall I don’t know exactly what you need for your nintendo switch but mine had nothing before this so I have no choice but to do so. It’s not the most expensive or the nicest one I’ve seen but it does the job at a fair rate.


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