Afterglow LVL 3 Wired Headset for Xbox One Review

Afterglow LVL 3 Wired Headset for Xbox One Review

The Afterglow LVL 3 Wired Headset is a very impressive product in my opinion. Their’s many things that could go wrong with a headset which is why gamers covet the brands known to provide quality like Turtle Beach, Astros, and Tritton. The issue is the price… It’s incredible the prices I have paid for headphones of similar quality like the Ear Force XO and A30. Easily double to triple the price and to be honest I can’t figure out why other than brand recognition. Now let’s get down to the facts on why I feel this way.

To be honest I am a cheap microphone consumer. I have tried many mics over the years all within reasonable prices. Obviously, you could buy a blue yeti and end your search for a good youtube mic but that’s not in the budget nor is spending a lot on a Turtle Beach Mic for gaming. The mic on this product is great not just for chatting in parties with your friends but also for youtube vids.. The quality is that good. Theirs is virtually no background noise with this product and the mic quality is pretty good. I also asked other people for opinions. I played guns of Icarus, cod black ops 2 and my youtube viewers. They all agreed the quality is better. Overall considering most companies consider the mic quality to be an afterthought especially in this price range it’s very nice to see a company make a quality mic. Not only that but their’s USB mics that cost more than this on their own but sound worse that make this even more impressive.

I’m not too particular when it comes to audio but overall I would say it sounds nice. Definitely bass enchantments were made to improve audio quality which was definitely nice. Definitely better than my PC speakers so I have no complaints.

Overall this product was definitely made for slightly bigger heads. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t buy it if you’re smaller because it should be fine but I’m just saying its specially made for bigger heads. The product, in my opinion, has a good amount cushion. The earphones are soft and I don’t appear to sweat too much when using the product which is nice. The top part is also nice maybe it could be a little softer but it definitely has more protection than other products in this price range.

Overall this headset is really nice for the price and looks pretty cool. Remember this can only be used for PC which could be why this thing doesn’t cost a lot more which is understandable. At the same time to make up for this flaw not only did they lower the price but put a really good mic and added extra cushion. Thanks for reading this review.


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