EasySMX 739 GPS Navigator 7 Inch Review

EasySMX 739 GPS Navigator 7 Inch Review



EasySMX 739 GPS Navigator 7 Inch TFT LCD Touch Screen is somewhat of a surprise to me. For half the price as Garmin it accomplishes the same exact thing or even more at times. The OS comes with a wide variety of apps. From games like snake and hangman, FM Radio, Music, maps, audio and alot more. It does not come with 32GB of storage which is very surprising as the competitors do come with it. That’s probably the one downside is lack of a micro sd card. I mean they are not expensive but still getting them on your own can be a little annoying.

Battery life is surprisingly ok. It could probably last around 10 minutes without being plugged in. When you think about it this product should never be unplugged anyway so it’s actually ok. The actual size is around 1500mAh. One crazy thing about this thing it’s actually possible to run windows on here thanks to the MS2531 MediaTek CPU. I don’t know what version either XP or CE but man it’s a cool yet useless feature besides nostalgia. The product also claimed it came with a stylus in the instructions but I don’t see it.

Overall if you are willing to make some minor concessions from lack of stylus and waiting longer for GPS signal to load you will have your self a solid GPS.


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