Vacnite 71 Inch LED Torchiere Bedroom Floor Lamp Review

Vacnite 71 Inch LED Torchiere Bedroom Floor Lamp Review

The Vacnite LED Torchiere Floor Lamp can brighten up any room with its 71-inch 36-watt bulb that lies on the top of the unit. It’s surely a sight to behold and can address a multitude of issues in a household. From fixing up dark rooms to even improving depression in the winter time. Installation could have been easier and the instructions could have been more detailed. However, I was still able to figure out how to use the product properly with just a little tinkering. If you look carefully one of the body pieces has a dc port located within it. Make sure this pole is near the top so it can receive the power cord that is attached to the light. This part confused me at first but once I figured it out installation became a breeze. The product also has an array of different lumens from 600 to 3500 but there is no adjustment for color temperature which is a small nitpick but still an issue for some. As the bulb has that orange hue which some people like while others like the daylight look

The product runs on DC power and takes up only a bit of space. You don’t have to worry about the product falling down anytime soon. The base weighs roughly 20 pounds based on my calculations. If the product has a slight tilt it doesn’t seem to compromise the integrity of the product but it may be noticeable in some units. I used all my force to fix the issue by screwing it in further but to no avail as a slight curve is still noticeable. Overall the product is really bright and is stronger than the lightbulb in my dorm. The small gripes I have do prevent perfection but it’s still really good.


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