Conbrov HD88 720p Spy Camera Review With Test Footage

Conbrov HD88 720p Spy Camera Review With Test Footage

I question the usage of the word hidden in the title of the Conbrov Pocket Video Pen Camera HD 720P as the lens is more visible than you may think. However, you can overlook this flaw as everything else this product sets out to do works for the most part. Recording footage is easy as clicking on the top of the device is all that is necessary for the product to work. The front flashes yellow/orange which again is another indication it’s not so hidden. The USB port on the camera is indeed hidden well by a cap that makes this product look like a dreidel. A dreidel is of the Jewish heritage and it’s like a game of dice some values are more suitable than others. You can change the resolution from HD to low resolution which saves battery power and storage space on your micro sd card which by the way needs to be formatted to FAT 32.

The actual footage produced by this product in HD is pretty solid. Maybe not as good as the 1080p mode on your smartphone but it’s not too far away. It’s way simpler than using a smartphone as one click of a button and it works so that’s excusable. Connecting your device to the computer is not possible as the USB port or the extender can only be used for charging. You must buy an adapter that you can plug your micro sd card in too. To transfer the data to your computer. Overall You would hard pressed to fool someone into thinking it’s merely a pen however as a portable video camera it does the job in a very effective manner. It’s something I’ll bring when necessary. This item was sent to me for review no further compensation was provided.


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