SECUTECH Video Doorbell Camera Home Security 720p Camera Review

SECUTECH Video Doorbell Camera Home Security 720p Camera Review

The Secutech Video Doorbell Camera is a product that acts as a spy camera and a doorbell all in one product. No longer do you have to fear about who comes to the door and for what reason. The product has a microphone and visuals that can stream right to the Dingell application that I suggest you install. The visual and audio quality is nice but nothing special. However, there is no need for those gimmicks anyway as the time to set up those complex doorbell systems takes awhile. The receiver comes with an AC plug that you plug into the wall and it provides the doorbell sound when somebody rings the doorbell. Make sure the doorbell button glows orange when you are trying to connect the product or it will not work. The battery within lasts an astounding 8 months which is much longer than other products. The product takes micro USB power which is provided for you so you don’t need to use your own.

If I didn’t make this clear before this uses 2.4ghz wifi to connect to your mobile device so setup is simple enough. The app also provides storage for your videos and pictures. You can save them to your device at any time and last 30 days before being auto-deleted. Surprisingly the product does not come with a micro sd or sd card slot. Which means you can never have local storage on the device which is good and bad. Good because some devices like this force you to buy one or it will not work and bad that if you cannot access the app for whatever reason maybe a power outage what are you going to do? Overall it’s a solid item it’s useful if you are cautious about who rings your doorbell, especially in urban neighborhoods.


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