Safevant HD Wifi IP Security Camera Review

Safevant HD Wifi IP Security Camera Review

For the price, the Safevant HD Wifi Ip Camera is a steal of a deal taking competition out of the water. With its 720P video quality, 360-degree rotation, mobile app integration, good audio pickup etc. It’s astounding how well it looks and sounds for the price tag. However, this product comes with a huge catch which can vary in size depending on luck and how technical you are. I tried connecting this thing to wifi for 2 hours with no luck. However, within 2 minutes, I got it to work with an ethernet cable. Once hooked on the product works like a charm with the standard MIPC APP. For some reason, all these Chinese wifi security camera’s uses the same app. And it only has 3.7 stars on the play store so not sure why they don’t team up and improve it already.

I have the galaxy s7 so I had no issues using it but somebody with a Droid X running android froyo could have an issue but at the same time why are you using that? Overall if you have some decent luck and common sense it’s a solid buy The product is Compatible with PC, Pad, Android TV Box, Google TV Box, Xbox 360, PS3, HTPC/IPTV, etc. Now that’s a lot of options. I personally tried using it with Android thanks to my USB to micro USB cable and it worked great. You also can use it with your PC on Windows. Overall it’s very seamless experience. The company decided not to use Bluetooth but to use USB instead. I like this feature as Bluetooth is not good in my opinion. You do charge this thing with a micro USB cable. Overall if you’re not satisfied with your keyboard or if you need to use this instead of a touchscreen or use a joystick to type in letters. Then this product will fulfill that need in a great fashion.


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