Unitech IP Dome Security Camera Review

Unitech IP Dome Security Camera Review

The Ip Dome Security Camera from Unitech is like any other IP dome security camera although based on the visuals and options here you are getting a better than average price but then you must accept you are giving up some ease of use. You actually need to have some basic electrical knowledge. They give you all these loose wires and green one, orange one, the blue one that says audio in or ALM I have no idea what any of this means once again if you know nothing about any of this just turn around now it’s not for everyone but the cost savings is undeniable. Weirdly they do not provide you with an ethernet cable or a power cable this is annoying as you need to find your own but whatever.

In terms of actual footage, I used it and put it in a fisheye format as I felt that would look the best if you look at the footage on my channel. I did this post editing. The actual footage will look different than this. The item also comes with mounting equipment which is great if you wish to put this on the ceiling however without the proper tools this job cannot be done. The product has an IP66 rating which is good enough to prevent water damage if soaked, the 4MP camera is good enough if you wish to take photos. To actually get the footage you need a POE or a router. Overall this product is not meant for an average consumer more of someone who knows what he is doing but the cost savings could make it worth learning.


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