VAVA 1440P 30fps Ambarella Dash Camera VA-CD07 Review

VAVA 1440P 30fps Ambarella Dash Camera VA-CD07 Review

The VAVA ambarella 2k dash camera 2K is an interesting product. It does a lot right but it’s not perfect. Problems from poor visuals which is a very common issue by the way. That’s not the only issue lack of audio is another problem I have seen poor night vision and just a lack of camera options from resolution to Iso etc. This camera does not have any of those issues. If you are wondering about what comes with the product the company was quite generous and it’s very appreciated. You get a car holder with the suction thing which attaches the camera to the front window of your car. This is necessary to secure your camera and prevent damage during braking and acceleration. In my testing, I had no circumstances where the camera fell off. That’s good news as it would be useless otherwise. However, it’s not perfect the lack of a webcam mode or micro sd card inclusion is a huge bummer.

The product comes with a car charger which plugs into your cigarette lighter on one end and the micro USB port on the camera which provides power to the very weak battery. This battery is so weak it dies within 15 seconds after unplugging it. The company claims this was due to safety concerns but I do wish they went for a slightly lower safety rating and just gave us a better battery. Hopefully, next time that happens. I do like how the product comes with 2 micro USB cables one small one for connecting to your computer and a big one for your car. It also comes with the cigarette converter to 2 USB ports which means you could use this outside the car. Overall it’s a solid dash cam with its quirks.


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