VAVA Professional Shakes And Smoothie Blender Review

VAVA Professional Shakes And Smoothie Blender Review

The Vava Smoothie Blender comes in a seemingly endless box with overwhelming potential. This product is not meant for novice users as the power level is way beyond what you would need for basic blenders. You could even say it’s over 9000, especially with that FDA approval. The main unit is composed of 2 subunits first you have the base. It’s very strong and heavy for that matter. It’s very loud so be aware even on low make sure you don’t do this at night. The base comes with a variety of modes from the pulse, high medium, low, soup, puree, smoothie and a few others I can remember. To be honest even low will probably handle your assorted foods as you could compare that to high mode on a normal consumer blender.

Speaking of consumer it’s become evident more and more I truly don’t think this is meant for a consumer but more for a small restaurant or coffee shop. The product has a blender that you can use for your own personal usage. It’s the smaller container just attach it to the large base and grind your fruit up and instead of having a clunky large container you have a bottle compact enough to bring on the go and bring the additional cap with the lid. The product comes with a transparent and relatively small cap at first I had confusion regarding what it was used for. But I believe it fits on the top of the big blending container and prevents any of your mashed contents from leaving the blender’s airspace. The product also has a grinder which is used for manually grinding your fruit in the large blender. Overall it’s a very nice item but be aware you should have some high capacity or be well versed in blending before getting this.


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