PAXCESS Cordless Handheld Rechargeable 108W Vacuum Cleaner Review

PAXCESS Cordless Handheld Rechargeable 108W Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Paxcess Cordless Handheld Rechargeable 108W Vacuum Cleaner is a really nice item that accomplishes practically everything the packaging sets out for. The design is nice and sleek with a white and black design resembling yin and yang. Setup is an absolute breeze I can’t even fathom how simple this thing is no messy power cords or long chambers requiring two hands to be present at all times. The device has some juice ready to go which just eliminates yet another step. Did I mention any micro USB cable can be used to charge this thing? It’s very impressive within 30 seconds after just installing one of the attachments to the base this product is ready to go. To turn the product on you just click the button more towards the middle of the unit and it will begin sucking everything. It does a very nice and is able to pick up what my dust devil fails to do. Which happens to be more of the larger particles found around my room it seems. If you wish to remove the container in the front that carries all of the dirt look for the other white button more towards the front of the unit. Apply moderate pressure towards the button and with some pressure on chamber it will fall off. This process does in fact require two hands but that’s for the best as the last thing you want is some fluke leading to a mess all over your floor with dust and dirt.

I’m not sure exactly how long the battery lasts I probably used it from 10-20 minutes during my testing in conjunction with a standard vac. The product showed no signs of slowing down and was sucking the crumbs off the ground before any pressure was applied to the surface just proving our strong this thing can be. The product comes with 3 different heads all with different usage one is longer but more narrow while another one is shorter but has a brush which can help get the stuff that’s stuck to your carpet or maybe liquids? I also can’t forget about the dust container which simply requires running water to clean and a trash can for the bigger particles so that’s easy. Overall this product here is very solid nearly prefect the only small quarks I can think of are more personal preferences then criticism. I would have preferred a switch over holding down a button. Also the lack of low/high mode does suck although the single power mode provided is quite strong. The product does have an exhaust like all other vacuums but because this product is portable it could mean the exhaust may be going right into your face which is annoying. So make sure you put this thing a fair distance from your face. But yea that’s really it and it’s why I award this product the rare 5/5 stars. Thanks very much for sending me this item for review. No additional compensation was provided beyond the free item.


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