Rockpals Portable Thermoelectric 12V DC & 110V AC Powered 30 Quart Electric Cooler RP-CRF Review

Rockpals Portable Thermoelectric 12V DC & 110V AC Powered 30 Quart Electric Cooler RP-CRF Review

Two Steps Foward And One Step Backwards


The Rockpals 30 Quart Thermoelectric Cooler And Warmer are almost functionally identical to the previous model produced earlier this year that resembles more of the traditional travel cooler. With its blue base, white top and it’s in-house wheel system. As both products offer cooling and heating, both products are relatively portable and contain a car adapter among many other similarities which you can find in the written review below from the previous model. However, there are some distinct differences that differentiate this new product from the other model. Firstly this model is slightly cheaper only costing $80 in brand new condition. I’m assuming this price drop is because this product does not have the wheels, and it’s not as tall. However, it’s definitely wider than the previous model and even contains an in-house ac port which is something the previous model lacked. Also, this new version definitely gets colder than the other model. While these new features are pretty cool there are some concessions made here as well. The ac port is here but for some reason, it’s very loose and constantly falls out. I don’t know if this is an individual defect or something that affects all units. Also, this thing is pretty loud when turned on I think it’s even louder than the old one which is hard to imagine as I also complained about that one previously. In the end, I’m really complexed regarding which model is better but now let me turn it over to my previous review so you can get all the info possible before formulating a conclusion.

This product is one true anomaly it’s a 2 in 1 experience that I never knew existed on a portable scale. With it’s conveniently placed wheels and extendable handle it makes traveling a breeze. Just make sure you know that the company decided to provide only a DC power port(this model fixed this issue) which means this product is stuck to car use only. Not sure why they did this but luckily DC to AC adapters exist and I recommend using that with this product so you can use it at home and on the go. There is a switch on the front of the product that allows switching from hot to cold very seamless. While the product can get hot I don’t think it has any heating properties like a microwave or oven. It’s more of a heat preservation type of experience which is fine by me and should work even for tin foil with no problems. In terms of storage, I was able to fit around 10 water bottles which is very impressive however there is no organization system within the product. What I mean is no shelves or something for fragile stuff like fruit or bread. So just make sure to put that stuff on top while heavy stuff like water and wine should go beneath it. After conducting a full day of testing at my local college football tailgate. The remaining water left in the fridge remained fairly cool around 45 degrees which is the temperature the product promises to achieve as long as it’s plugged in even on a hot day. So yea overall it’s a pretty solid product while the heat feature is pretty much useless to me the chilling aspect makes up for it in a big way. Maybe in the winter if your car or room heater doesn’t work maybe that would be a good use for this. Thanks very much for sending me this item for review Rockpals no further compensation was provided.


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