ABOX Wifi 1600x1200p IP67 Semi Rigid Snake Endoscope & Borescope Review

ABOX Wifi 1600x1200p IP67 Semi Rigid Snake Endoscope & Borescope Review

Surprisingly Painless Setup But Not Medical Grade

The ABOX Wifi Endoscope is well made for it’s intended purpose. Please don’t use this product for medical purposes like an endoscopy or colonoscopy for example. The box for the product lacks any color but it’s clearly labeled with detailed features of the product on the front and a detailed user manual within the box which helped during the setup process especially for wifi. The product comes with a few accessories mainly the magnet, mirror and the hook. I tried using these items and found they were mostly useless in my use case. Which was sticking the product under my bed and in the corner behind my desk. I guess you would need these items more if you were sticking this thing in the drain as the title of this product proclaims. The product takes micro USB power for charging and I’m a big fan of that feature. It’s probably the most used recharging technology as it’s found in phones, tablets, and endoscopes as well. I was surprised to see this product comes with a 1000mah battery at the base of the unit. I thought the base was just used for transferring micro USB power to the device and taking photos but alas I’m wrong. The endoscope itself is around 5 meters long and was more than useful in my limited testing. But what wasn’t as useful was the app and I would like to get into more detail regarding this feature in the next paragraph.

So the app is what prevents this product from entering the mainstream marketplace. A lot of smaller amazon sellers are having issues improving the usability of their products, especially with wifi enabled devices. I don’t think the average consumer would have been able to do what I did without some help and that’s not always possible. Basically firstly once the unit is on go to your wifi settings and click on the device wifi listing and type in the 88888888 default password. This part is no issue then go to your borescope app and then type in the SSID and password. The instructions mention that you must type in the default password then once it starts turning green then type in the XXXXX keys for the connection to work. This was so confusing this literally made no sense then all of a sudden I got a message saying you don’t have to use this SSID it was just an example or something like that and all of a sudden it worked. It makes no sense but we did figure it out in the end. The actual item itself works pretty well and I was able to look at my creations in the video gallery feature once I finished recording. The resolution for the video is not bad however the 2MP is sub-par and could use some help. Also, any drastic movement will cause the feed to freeze for a few seconds and then resume so just be aware of this.


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