DIKAOU Portable Wireless Flame Atmosphere Speaker Review

DIKAOU Portable Wireless Flame Atmosphere Speaker Review

Spectacular Sound Quality But Quiet

The Dikaou Portable Wireless Flame Speaker reminds me of another speaker I reviewed in recent memory. If I recall the SUMAOTE flame speaker had a similar gimmick to this product here. While this may be the case this product is definitely still better overall. While the flame animation may be a little more controlled in this item as I didn’t fear burning my finger off like the other unit. In return, a much higher quality audio and a more streamlined UI is provided. I don’t know about you but this is definitely more important. The product runs on USB power with a good sized battery and not too heavy to hold. But heavy enough to hold its ground in case of inclement weather. The other unit has a tripod hole which seemed kinda useless. But this unit has a hook on the top which is perfect for hanging this on the top of your tent while camping. This thing is pretty bright by the way and could be used purely as a lantern if you wish. The company claims there are around 60 LED lights crammed into the unit so it should not be too surprising. The product uses Bluetooth 4.2 and too my surprise worked really nicely. At first, I thought the unit was broken as the light used a different button then the power button to turn on. Bluetooth was a breeze as I turned the unit on within 10 seconds my Galaxy S7 discovered the Bluetooth signal and promptly connected. You can also adjust the volume using the buttons on the lantern/speaker. The product has a range of around 35ft. While I can’t confirm the legitimacy of this claim I was able to use it without hiccups from the opposite side of my 15ft room so take that for what it is.

So now for my actual experence using this product. The audio fidelity is absolutely mind-boggling for this price point. I thought this was a Sennheiser or something as I was in that much disbelief. The lyrics of various popular songs like Lonely, Feeling, Let It Rock, for example, sounded fantastic. There was no base boost added and it’s much appreciated. I also tried royalty-free songs on camera like Frontier and Love from Doctor Vox and my experence was mutual. However what prevents this product from perfection is one prevalent issue that is quite apparent throughout my testing. The product is not loud enough. That’s the downside of not including bass boost. With the limited amperage provided by USB power, it’s not always easy to produce loud enough audio. It’s an issue XLR microphones have and it’s why phantom power is needed in those cases. Base boost is used to cover up this issue by distorting and amplifying these sounds in a cheap and efficient manner. The thing is that doesn’t mean I think they should have done that I’m just explaining this double edge sword as best I can. Overall this product produces quality audio and a streamlined UI for a fair price so who am I to complain? This product was sent to me for review no further compensation was provided beside a free sample of course.


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