UNOONE Fast Charge 2 Coil Qi Wireless Charger Review

UNOONE Fast Charge 2 Coil Qi Wireless Charger Review

The UNOONE Fast Charge 2 Coli QI Wireless Charging Stand provides immense value for a certain buyer. Wireless charging is still a niche idea that yet to be implemented on a grand scale. This stand however does address some of the issues with the technology as the typical wireless charger is a flat circle that is kinda hard to use in most cases.  This product differs because the stand can be adjusted to many different angles which means you can still use your phone while it’s being charged. Another cool feature that makes this special is it’s dependency on magnetism from the base to hold the battery into place. Because of this, you can move the height of the battery which is cool for sure as most products just allow the stand to change it’s angle and that’s it.

Luckily you do not need to guess if the product is working with the phone or not. When the product receives power a blue light will flash at the bottom of the product. Don’t forget you can always look at your notifications and look for the charging symbol just in case you are not sure. If you use any type of car phone holder that uses magnetism and requires you to put a metal piece on the back of your phone. It will cause it to heat up so don’t use that type of stuff. Also, the product did not trigger fast charging with my galaxy s7 so I do question the fast charging claim printed on the product itself. Overall it’s a solid product that has a lot of uses and improves on the flawed original wireless charging concept bring it ever so close to mainstream adoption.


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